Mural Paintings with Artist Interviews

ArtBridge | Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative

For ArtBridge, I directed, produced, filmed, and edited an 8-minute overview on their #7on16th mural project, which launched the #CityCanvas two-year pilot—a program designed to allow the installation of temporary visual art on eligible sidewalk sheds and construction fences, created by The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA), in collaboration with the New York City Department of Buildings and the Office of the Mayor. The seven talented mural artists painted directly onto the wood scaffolding, spanning 700 feet on the north side of the Google building (16th St) in Chelsea, NYC. The murals are on view through early December.

It was a delight to work with the ArtBridge staff and board to produce this video. I hired Rose Liu to assist me during production with additional photography and videography. For music during post-production, I chose to work with Micropixie (based in CA) and edit in a special selection of her songs.

During the five-day mural creation/painting/installation process, I interviewed all seven artists in the lifts with them next to their murals (14 feet above street level) — see my post on Instagram. I also secured locations for, and placed/framed, my GoPros above the murals to capture time-lapses of three of them. Rose took some tripod photograph series of other murals that I created additional time-lapse sequences from, along with many behind-the-scenes photos. After the murals were completed, I took Ronin-S stabilized shots of each (I rented this and other equipment from KitSplit), along with high-res, frontal photos of mural sections, which I painstakingly combined in Photoshop to digitally recreate each mural. I incorporated these mural strips into the opening motion graphics montage. Editing took me about a week—I crafted the narrative around the artist interviews and their mural progress, and wove in an interview with the ArtBridge founder (visually enhancing interview shots via a Digital Anarchy plugin). I ended the video with a split-screen credit sequence featuring some close-ups from the murals.

For the Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative, I interviewed artist Minerva Cueva in London during the “Under the Same Sun” exhibition at South London Gallery. I also filmed the painting and installation of her mural, along with time-lapse footage.