Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative

Knowing that behind-the-scenes glimpses into the processes that lead up to an exhibition would be very much of interest to viewers, I pioneered the creation of this set of videos for the MAP project. Videos included time-lapses of installations along with interview-based ones on the design, installation, and/or conservation processes. For each video, I arranged or facilitated permissions with appropriate museum departments, set-up and monitored time-lapse cameras, generated interview questions, conducted interviews with a crew that I hired and managed, filmed some or all of the cutaway footage, and edited/delivered the videos.

Below is a time-lapse where I added informative stats collected internally from various departments.

Below are two videos that were filmed at Museo Jumex that highlight aspects of the design, installation, and conservation processes.

Below is an example of a time-lapse that I filmed, along with active cutaway footage of the mural painting, and an interview with the artist conducted on site at South London Gallery.