Performance Highlights

Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative

I initiated this set of videos for the project, which entailed complex multi-camera filming of an artist’s performance, along with an artist interview. For each video, I worked closely with the Director of Public Programs in the Education department, the Theater department or collaborating venue, hired and managed the crew, generated the interview questions, conducted the interviews, directed the framing of shots (and also actively filmed), and edited (or directed the editing) the videos.

Below is a performance highlights video created in collaboration with the artist and South London Gallery.

Below is performance highlights video, created in collaboration with the artists, that involved movement through many areas of the Guggenheim Museum.

Outside of the MAP project, I produced the performance highlights video, embedded below, of a complex, 24-hour film/music/dance event, and traveled with members of the Curatorial and Education teams to the artist’s studio outside NYC to record the interview.