While on Spring Break vacation, I had the pleasure of swimming in a bioluminescent bay, and I’ve been wanting to recreate that experience, since it’s extremely difficult to photograph or videotape it. See the video below for a first attempt to visualize this (the video is a screen capture of an openFrameworks application with input from a Kinect). The video also served as a test for my final project…

For the final project in my 3DSaV class, I partnered with Matt Ganucheau, and he said he wanted to work with particles. So while he was working on sound input code, I merged the “Binned Particle System” example from class with the “Air Accordion” example that Eric Mika worked on (which incorporates ofxOpenNI and other addons). I mapped the “addRepulsionForce” to my hands, and drew the depth image so you can see the color changes that correlate to my proximity to the Kinect. The code is here (you’ll have to copy the “openni” folder, that in turn contains the “config” and “lib” folders, into the “data” folder that is inside the “bin” folder of the project in order to run this): SwimmingThroughParticles

Swimming through Particles from Nisma Z on Vimeo.

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