Today I presented my final project (the figure-skating-inspired-movement-painting) in ICM (Introduction to Computational Media), and yesterday I presented it in Pcomp (Physical Computing).  The presentation entailed me putting on a jacket that had the accelerometer with XBee sender in a pocket and a green circle sewed onto the front.  I started the Processing sketch, clicked on the green circle (for tracking purposes) and then once the blank white “canvas” came on screen, I moved around to create an etching along with other effects.  I really enjoyed hearing the commands of “jump” and “spin” from some classmates and the sounds of glee when my line-bows, spirals and spinning arcs appeared in reaction to my movements.  Here’s a video demo:

Pcomp-ICM Final Project demo from N Z on Vimeo.

I approached this project in three main stages. Rather than create a really long post, below are the project stages with links to the posts (photos and/or videos are included in the posts):

Since the final Processing sketch depends on both camera tracking and the XBee/accelerometer to work, it is available as a zip download via the link versus a link to an online sketch.  Of course there is much more that I’d like to do to improve this project, but I must now focus on getting my freelance work done and my film completed on adult competitive figure skaters.

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