I spent the weekend of November 7th agonizing over ideas for a final project.  For ICM, I entertained the idea of doing more with the butterfly movements and morphing the butterfly into other forms (the Pcomp part involved either a balance board or wand), but then I started to think along the lines of producing something that could be applied to one of two projects that I’m working on outside of ITP: a documentary on adult competitive figure skaters and a website related to vegan raw food preparation.  I thought of games and data visualizations (both of which I ruled out for now but might try to do over the winter break).  I ended up settling on an idea related to skating: namely the creation of a choreography tool for figure skaters.

The short and free/long programs that figure skaters have to perform in tests and competitions are judged in a number of ways, one of which involves coverage of the ice (i.e. making the best use of the dimensions of the rink*).   I believe it would be helpful for skaters during the choreography phase of putting a program together to see a visual representation of their choreography and patterns on the ice with indications of all the required elements (spins, jumps, footwork, etc).  This could be rendered after a skater is videotaped or as they are skating – the output would be a processing sketch that could later be played to the music.

For ITP, I will tweak this idea to enable a person to create a “digital painting” based on their movements.  The person will put on a belt or vest containing a wireless accelerometer that will measure movements like spinning and jumping, each of which will be rendered distinctly in a Processing sketch.  They will perform their movements in front of a camera – their position within the space will be mapped to x and y positions of an object in a Processing sketch.   There is more that I’d like to incorporate in terms of sensors (heart-rate monitor) and Processing effects (adding color and style palettes and sound) but I’ll elaborate on those later, if I’m able to get what I’ve already mentioned done in time.

I’ve already begun to look at examples and log Processing effects that I’d like to incorporate for tracings, spins and jumps and have purchased and tested an accelerometer.  I’ll detail progress in subsequent posts.

* samples of required patterns for “moves in the field” tests


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