Gastronomica is an exploration of the visual and sensory power of food that is abstracted, magnified and layered. The project was born out of a dinner that Nisma (Bengali/Caucasian American) and Minette (Filipino/Chinese) had at Mitali East. Many dinners followed at restaurants with cuisines linked to their cultural heritages, where they fleshed out project ideas. The food that Minette and Nisma prepared and videotaped for this project came from recipes handed down through their ancestors, so the act of making the dishes was both a cooking adventure and a tribute to the past.

Many thanks to Robin Sukhadia and Walter Kitundu for permission to use their beautiful music. We are also grateful to Craig Protzel for the sound mix, to Calli Higgins and Matt Ganucheau for letting us use their awesome Canon HD high speed cameras, to Derek Chung for letting us shoot in his gorgeous kitchen, and to Matt Richard for all his help and support.