I’m sure other grad-mates have suggested this as well, but one of the most useful SMS applications that we could have at ITP would be instant notifications of changes to course waitlists. This is obviously on my mind because I’m still waitlisted in two courses and my position on those lists is no longer accessible via Albert…so I have to keep checking in with Gordie.  I’m sure he’d love this application…less students bugging him daily.   Granted, this application would only be useful during the first couple weeks of a semester, but it’s still worth it I think.

Another idea is to create an application that automatically displays the names of people who are on the floor at any given moment, along with a cross-relational list of what classes they are enrolled in.  In other words, you could search by class and see who’s on the floor who is in that class, or just see a list of people and optionally click on their name to see the classes they are in.  This would be helpful when questions come up relating to a particular class (say someone in the Materials class needs urgent help building something and if someone from the Mechanisms class is on the floor, they can go find him/her and ask for help).  It could also be helpful as a way to remind us of people’s names without having to go check the photo board or play that social genius game.